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Holos Skincare actively continues to research and improve how to be better when it comes to Eco and sustainability matters.

While it is sometimes not within our reach to be “perfect” we endeavour to do as much as we can to make our products as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. The eco and sustainable landscape is always in flux and we will continue to stay abreast of what is new and up to date. It is not always possible to move with the most up to date methods as we may have quantities of stock that we need to get through before we can make those changes. However we are an open book if you have any specific questions you wish to ask about our production processes.


There are many components that go into packaging for a product. In recent years we have begun to take away some of the things that make packaging harder to recycle, however there are some components that even if they can be recycled, may not be, in the territory you live in. To learn which materials can be recycled and how to recycle them, go to which is a very useful source of information for Ireland. Other countries should check out their local facilities.

Our Packaging Components / End of Life / What Holos Says

Packaging Components End Of Life What Holos Says
Glass Please remove labels, wash and bring to the local bottle bank. 11 of our 23 products are in glass.
PET/ HDPE Plastic Please remove pumps, tubes and wash thoroughly and place in household recycling. Remove labels from plastic jars, wash and place in household recycling. Only 3 out of our 23 products remain in plastic and we will work towards removing these from our production and replacing them with more eco friendly material as our stocks deplete.
Aluminium Please wash and place in the household recycling bin. If there is a label, please remove it. Aluminium caps can be placed in household recycling. 9 of our products are in aluminium bottles which are lightweight and can be recycled over and over again. Future launches will all be packaged in aluminium. We also use aluminium caps on 7 of our products.
Rubber Please remove from the pipette and place in household waste. There is a rubber piece on top of 2 of our pipettes. Holos is actively looking for a rubber replacement but this is one material that is difficult to replace. We will continue looking.
PVC - Vinyl labels Please remove all products and place them in household waste. All of our labels are made of vinyl. Even though PVC can be recycled with other PVC materials, it is not done so in Ireland. We will continue to monitor this one while also looking for a water / oil proof replacement.
Since 2020 any new launches do not have vinyl labels and instead labels are printed on the bottle reducing waste.
Cardboard Please put all cardboard in household recycling. Holos removed all coatings, scodix, plastics etc. from boxes to make them 100% recyclable. To reduce cardboard further, we do not use boxes for any of our products packaged in aluminium and instead use a smaller cardboard collar that hangs over the top of the bottle.

We will continue to update you on the work we are undertaking to improve our environmental impact.

Peta Approved Global Animal Test Policy
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