The Moon causes the oceans to flow

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The Moon is big and powerful. Today we’re looking into just how big and powerful the moon actually is and exploring ways in which it may affect our lives and especially our skincare!

More and more gardeners use the bio dynamic calendar to take care of, and produce healthier plants. Some believe that if flowers are planted before the full moon, they will grow faster. Even the Lavender we use to make Holos products is picked from the foothills of Mont Blanc before sunrise, still under the light of the moon as the growers have found that the potency of the oil is better when the flowers are picked at this time.

Opinions vary on whether the moon affects our lives. I definitely feel it affects me especially my sleep!  Perhaps be mindful and see if it affects your life at all. Observe, keep a diary and maybe you’ll discover something that will lead you to make some changes.  Maybe you’ll notice that you feel irritable or tired around the full Moon and then next time you will refuse extra work and take it easy. For wellness sake!

Many of us (me included) don’t feel as perky close to the full Moon. We become irritated and snappy for no reason. There is even a suggestion that our endocrine system (that system that’s in charge of hormones) is affected by the moon. ( And we all know how our hormones can affect our moods.

During a full Moon many people report having sleeping problems or headaches. Some Natural Health therapists would advise to postpone your dentist visit or a trip to the waxing studio, until after full moon as it’s a time when your pain threshold is at its lowest.

It’s even suggested that getting your hair trimmed on a full moon will encourage long luscious tresses.

Full Moon is said to be the best time for relaxation treatments as you relax deeper so have a bath or massage with essential oils. If you like fresh herbs pick them on a full moon, if the bio-dynamic farmers are right, they’ll be stronger in flavour and more potent in benefit.

Some natural health and beauty experts say that skin cleansing treatments are more efficient when done during a new moon. Slimming is easier and more efficient when we start it while the Moon is decreasing and it’s a good time for exfoliation, depilation and manicure. During a new Moon we have more energy; our body is stronger and can fight colds easier and faster.

It is advised to use nourishing and anti-ageing treatments while the Moon is growing. It’s the best time to go to the SPA (isn’t every time the best time to go to the spa), colour your hair, use facial masks. In this phase, it is said that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by our body.  One word of warning I came across during my research was to be careful with sweets as the growing Moon increases risk of putting on weight!!

So based on all these lunar goings – on, I’ve put together a little Holos lunar plan. Give it a try, have some fun!

Holos calendar for June 2017:

1 – 8 June – the Moon is growing  (the ‘waxing’ phase)

Use Good Night Rich Night Cream as a facial mask. Apply generously and after few minutes wipe away the excess. Leave it for the night. You will wake up with well moisturised, nourished and plumped skin.

Use any Holos Body Oil as a hair treatment and cuticle and nail treatment. Sweet almond Oil and essential oils contained in Holos Body Oils are very absorbent. They will moisturise and nourish your skin and hair and they all smell amazing.

Avoid sweets and excess of alcohol. (On a bank holiday weekend… well, keep the intake at moderate!)

9 June – Full Moon

Time for a relaxing bath with a few drops of Good Night Body Oil. To enrich you relaxation light a Holos Lovely Lavender soy wax candle. If you have very dry skin use Holos Body Oil directly on the skin after your bath. It will work as a body lotion.

After 9 June – the Moon is decreasing (the waning phase)

Good time for cleansing rituals for our body: cleansing treatments and detoxing diet as this is the time our bodies are most efficient at detoxing.

Blossoms Light Exfoliating Facial Polish can be used twice a week. Apply generously, massage for one minute and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse off with luck warm water.

Apply 4 drops of Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil on your face, neck and around the eyes (perfectly safe eye treatment).  Let it absorb.

To lock the moisture in apply small amount of your favourite Holos Face Cream:

Drink lots of water.

24 June – New Moon

The best time to start new plans and activities. Good time for anti-cellulite and deep cleansing treatments.

We recommend starting your day with Blossoms Light Exfoliating Facial Polish, followed by Egyptian Cotton Hot Facial Towel.

Use our Floral Toner to restore the neutral pH for your skin. Apply 3 drops of Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil to dry patches and around the eyes.

Follow by Love Your Skin Facial Cream. Breathing in all the wonderful aromas of essential oils of Rose, Palmerosa, Frankinsense and Benzoin you will be in a great mood, full of energy and ready to take over the world!

Knowing the impact of the Moon on ourselves, we can use it to our advantage. You may find it helps you to get deeper understanding of yourself.

A little personal tip, around full moon, have some chocolate, and don’t feel guilty!


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Love x


P.S. For all of you interested in checking out the subject in more detail follow the links I used.

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