I’ve been bad at blogging but we’re going to get better as we will soon have the lovely Ewa (pronounced Eva) coming to help us with all of our digital marketing. I’m busy working on a new website with Carol Faughnan http://digimarketingstudio.com/ Carol is amazing! Check her out.

Good Morning range from Holos

Anyway I’m going to write the Holos story for the site through a series of blogs highlighting the exciting stuff that happens to us along the way. I was a total beauty industry virgin so I’ve had to learn along the way how to grow my company in a field I knew nothing about. I’ve told stories before about how I couldn’t even put on makeup until last year and I owned probably 1 makeup brush.

My sister Emma from http://eyrebrushed.ie/ used to shake her head in dismay at my lack of ability. We honestly thought I just missed the girliness memo somehow but here I am at 40 finally able to say I embrace my girliness and am thoroughly enjoying my new life. I was way more girly when I was in my 20’s but the 30’s were lost to work and learning how to be a Mum. I’ve mastered that over the years too I think.

Holos Niamh - Makeup for Xpose interview

Mother Daughter love

So my first post will be a quick run through of the highlights of the first year of Holos. I hope to post it by the end of today! I might be too optimistic but lets see!!

xx Niamh

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