Do we need an exfoliant?

Talking to clients I often hear:

  • Exfoliant dries my skin
  • Exfoliant irritates my skin
  • Do I really need an exfoliant?

salt scrubThere seems to be a lack of understanding when it comes to exfoliants. As we age, it is wise to use one but that’s not a bad thing as they feel great on the skin! The main role of exfoliant is the removal of dead skin cells. When we are young, our skin cells renew every 28 days. As we age the renewal process slows down and we need to help our skin by removing the dead layer mechanically or by using enzymatic exfoliant (recommended for a sensitive complexion).

Today I’ll just talk about mechanical exfoliants, the ones with little bits in them to help remove dead skin. There are many types of mechanical scrubs . They can be natural like ground fruit stones, sugar, salt, ground coffee. Some companies use plastic microbeads. We don’t recommend them and do not use them in our cosmetics as we care for our environment (read more about microbeads in cosmetics here)


Be resourceful!

coffee grains Going on holiday, an exfoliant might be the last thing on your mind but after a week in the sun you will really feel the need for it. Using an exfoliant will aid a more even tan, and you’ll really feel the need to deep cleanse your face from all that sweating in the heat. This is what I did on my holidays when I forgot my exfoliant, I made my own! But don’t tell Niamh, she wants you to buy ours! I spoke nicely to the kitchen staff in my hotel and they provided me with a few ingredients.

3 tablespoons of natural ground coffee (or oat)
1 tablespoon any vegetable oil (coconut, olive, grape, almond)
1 tablespoon fine brown sugar (skip sugar if you have a sensitive complexion)

If you have oily or acne prone skin, add a pinch of cinnamon for its antiseptic properties.

Combine all ingredients, massage onto your face in gentle, circular motions. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply toner and moisturiser. You are ready for more sunbathing. Don’t forget your SPF ☺

Blossoms Light Exfoliating Facial Polish

blossoms-light-exfoliating-facial-polish by HolosIf you are not into blending your own scrub you can always grab Blossoms Light Exfoliating Facial Polish by Holos. It has everything you need. It is a scrub and a moisturiser in one. The pumice is volcanic lava packed with minerals. You will get rid of dead skin cells, the coconut oil will moisturise your skin leaving it soft and plumped. The combination of essential oils are pleasantly relaxing.

  • Neroli – a wonderful skin soother, helps to reduce the appearance of thread veins and scar tissue
  • Jasmine encourages smooth skin and aids the disappearance of scar tissue and thread veins.
  • Ylang ylang is known to have antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac 😉 and sedative properties.




Holiday-friendly packaging

The packaging is worth noting if you are travelling. The 100ml volume is safe for travelling by airplane. The packaging is made of very light aluminium and PET plastic- will not take any weight from your luggage.
Talking about holidays, it is a wonderful idea to pack one of Holos’ Body Oils. You can use the oil to blend you own exfoliant of course. Not only that, any of the Holos Body Oils can be used as:

  • a hair treatment
  • nail and cuticle conditioner
  • make-up remover (the water-proof one too)
  • relaxing bath – just add a few drops
  • body moisturiser – massage a few drops into your wet skin. The oil is a brilliant protection from moisture lost.

Holos Body Oil is a perfect holiday cosmetic ☺

Holos Body Oils Sunset

Have a healthy, joyful, warm and full of love and chocolate Easter!

Ewa and Niamh

Ewa and Niamh as Easter Bunnies

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