Love Your Skin Anti-Ageing Facial Oil 30ml


!! Our Best-Selling Product !!

Organic Argan oil with rose, benzoin, frankincense & palmarosa.

Restorative oil to plump and smooth out fine lines and help balance sebum levels in the skin.

  • Treats dry skin
  • Hydrating
  • Softening
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Omega/Lipid/Essential fatty acid rich
  • Blemishes
  • Fine lines
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Inflammation
  • Age spots / pigmentation
  • Anti-ageing
  • Balancing aroma

12 reasons you need Holos Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil in your life

Vegan / cruelty-free / Eco-friendly / preservative free / 99% plants



Use as:
  • A day or night serum
  • A day or night facial oil to be used alone or after a serum and before a moisturising lotion/cream.

Drop 3 to 4 drops onto the palm of the hands. Rub the hands together and massage into the face, neck and around the eyes for 10 to 20 seconds.

Active Ingredients:

Argan oil has:

  • Miniscule molecules to allow for absorption.
  • Antioxidant vitamins E, C & A to help neutralize free radicals and help prevent the signs of aging.
  • B Vitamins to soothe irritated skin and help balance oil so suitable for oily & dry skin.
  • Essential fatty acids to plump and smooth fine lines.
  • Shown sebum balancing capabilities so will help acne and reduce acne scarring.

Frankincense contains:

  • Boswellic acid has shown evidence of preventing DNA formation in Cancer cells including in skin cancer and in stopping the spread of Cancer.


  • Antibacterial and antifungal so can protect the skin from pathogens that may cause irritation or inflammation
  • Antioxidants to help prevent oxidative stress and prevent the premature signs of aging.


  • Helps to keep the skin hydrated.


  • Helps to reduce inflammation.


Argan Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Boswellia carterii (frankincense) Oil, Styrax benzoin (Benzoin) Gum Oil, Cymbopogon martini (Palmerosa) leaf oil, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Rosa damask (Rose) flower oil, Geraniol*, Citronellol*, Limonene*, BenzylCinnamate*

*Naturally occurring components of essential oils

75 reviews for Love Your Skin Anti-Ageing Facial Oil 30ml

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I love all the Holos products that I got so far but this has to be the best. It has definitely helped clear my rosecea. I use this after the spritz and after HA. Now I couldn’t be without it. All 3 have most definitely cleared my rosecea. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. J O’Brien (verified owner)

    WOW! I am only using this oil a week and can see and feel a difference already. I had very bad eczema until I was 20, (I’m now 48) and was left with dry, irritable skin and struggle to find products that moisturize but don’t irritate. This oil does both but is also improving the look and texture of my skin. I am delighted

  3. Elaine Muldowney

    Loved this oil all throughout my pregnancy after looking for some pregnancy safe skincare and have continued it postpartum. Feels like a spa experience and a drink for the skin

    • Holos Skincare

      Thanks you so much Elaine. Delighted you love the oil! Niamh

  4. marie mullen (verified owner)

    Starting using this when I seen irishbeautyfairy recommending it on Instagram, just ordered second bottle love it leaves your skin feeling so soft, with that sticky feeling of oil, love the spritz too and just ordered the triple lipid and this is more serum hoping these are as great as this product

    • Holos Skincare

      Thanks you so so much. You will love the other products too, we promise!. Niamh

  5. Sinead Kearns (verified owner)

    I adore this product. My skin has not felt this soft or looked this good in years. A permanent addition to my skin regime.

    • Holos Skincare

      Thank you so much Sinead. Much appreciated! Niamh

  6. Darina Keating (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this oil. It not only smells amazing, but has improved my skin tom=ne and reduced my fine line.

    • Holos Skincare

      It is a real gem alright. Delighted you love it. Niamh

  7. Darina Keating (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this oil, not only does it smell amazing, my skin tone and fine lines have improved so much since i started using this in 2020. Defiantly recommend it to anyone.

  8. Alex Mc Donald (verified owner)

    Best product I use it does exactly what it says . I use to suffer from Rosacea . Not anymore till I found this product . The best in town cannot not recommend it enough .

    • Holos Skincare

      Wow, delighted to hear this. Thank you for leaving a review. Niamh

  9. Laura Hourigan (verified owner)

    Just add to cart NOW! Tried the anti aging oil on Sally Forans recommendation and it is a game changer.My skin feels amazing when I use this ,my crows feet have literally disappeared and I’ve been asked have I had botox by a few friends.

    • Holos Skincare

      Less expensive than botox thank goodness and deeply nutritious. Thank you for leaving the review. So happy to hear the great results. Niamh

  10. Christine comyns

    Wow wow wow…..my latest purchase from this fab range. So soothing for my problem skin. Wouldn’t be without this beautiful elixir ever again.

    • Holos Skincare

      Thanks you so so much. Delighted to hear you you are getting results. Niamh

  11. Claire McCarthy (verified owner)

    This oil is brilliant…. Great for dry skin … and it’s anti aging properties are excellent definitely see the difference in only a few weeks and what’s better is you can rub it into your hands when your finished with your face …lovely and soft … I’ll definitely be buying more of this oil

    • Holos Skincare

      Thank you thank you, really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Delighted you love Holos. Niamh

  12. Kathleen

    I feel so pretty when I see the results of anti ageing oil .its fabulous, love love love

    • Holos Skincare

      Awww, I bet you are very pretty! Thank you for loving Holos and leaving a review. Niamh

  13. Sabrina Healy (verified owner)

    I love using the oil. Just a few drops & my skin doesn’t feel thirsty anymore! It is easily absorbed & doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. A must have, especially for maturing skin . Thanks Niamh

    • Holos Skincare

      You are so welcome, and thank you for leaving your lovely review. Niamh

  14. Tracy Humphreys (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product smells amazing too . Best thing Iv bought by far

    • Holos Skincare

      Delighted to hear this. And thank you for choosing Holos. Niamh

  15. Marie kane (verified owner)

    Holos anti ageing facial oil is “HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE”
    I have been using this oil for about 3 years and I love it . It’s the last item to go on my skin every night and it’s my bit of luxury . I wouldn’t be without it.
    Thanks Holos

    • Holos Skincare

      Aww the proof is in the repeat purchase. Thank you so much Marie for sticking with Holos. Delighted to give you a little bit of luxury. Niamh

  16. Aoife (verified owner)

    As a menopausal woman with very dry skin I’m thrilled I found this little beauty. It’s super and a little goes a long way. I’ve noticed such a difference since I started using it months ago. So thank you Niamh and team for your advice – I’m delighted I listened.

    • Holos Skincare

      I’m delighted you listened too! Glad you have seen a difference. Thank you so much for leaving a review. Niamh

  17. Olive O’ Brien (verified owner)

    I love anti-aging oil- I’ve been using it for years. I always keep a bottle in reserve as can’t be without it! Have converted my 3 sisters to Holos products as well.

    • Holos Skincare

      Well done and thank you for spreading the word. I really appreciate it. Delighted you have stuck with Holos. Niamh

  18. Agnes (verified owner)

    Hi Niamh, I tried to give 5 ⭐️ but would only allow 4/4 stars.
    I received my new renewed order of the anti-aging oil.
    Usually oil & my skin clash but for whatever reason, your secret recipe works & helps hydrate my skin, reduce redness & fine lines.
    Also, my skin feels so soft & smooth, I really can’t love it enough. The smell too
    And…..Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I’m now using it with my new pink jade facial roller…. WOW

    • Holos Skincare

      Aww delighted to hear this! Yes the website is only allowing people leave 4 stars but we’ve had people get in touch to tell us they wanted to leave 5! Technology eh. Thank you for leaving a review. Niamh

  19. Niamh Hatchell (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. My skin feels so fresh and soft after using it. And it smells incredible. I feel like I’m really pampering.myself every time I use this . Love it.

    • Holos Skincare

      Aww and you deserve a little pamper. Thank you for loving the oil and delighted it works for you. Niamh

  20. Christine O’Brien Gleeson (verified owner)

    By far my favourite holos product, I’m 37 and still get carded buying sometimes, thanks to this oil!

    • Holos Skincare

      Lucky you, they sometimes card me in Aldi for the craic! Delighted you love Holos and thank you for your lovely review. Niamh

  21. Lisa Murray (verified owner)

    I love all Holos products but especially the facial oil which I have have bought for many friends. I feel so nourished in my night-time routine – it’s like a spa treatment as it smells amazing.

    • Holos Skincare

      Really appreciate you spreading the word. Thank you. Delighted you love Holos and thank you so much for your review. Niamh

  22. Lisa Murray (verified owner)

    I love all Holos products but especially the facial oil which I have have bought for many friends. I feel so nourished every night 🙂

    • Holos Skincare

      Thank you for spreading the word. It really helps! Delighted you love Holos and thank you for leaving a review. Niamh

  23. Niamh Corry

    The HOLOs skincare has been life changing for me I could not recommend the prebiotic spray and serum highly enough

    • Holos Skincare

      So glad the Spritz is working for you. Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave a review. Niamh

  24. Joanne (verified owner)

    I love this oil. My skin has improved so much since using it. It’s smells fabulous & isn’t greasy in the skin at all. I will definitely be repurchasing this again

    • Holos Skincare

      Delighted to hear Joanne. Thank you for posting a review. Niamh

  25. Pearl lehane (verified owner)

    My skin is happier since I started using Holos. Even when I have a little breakout around my chin. The whole cleansing regime, prebiotic spray and oils really calms my skin. Would highly recommend to anyone. Especially the likes of me who used face wipes for nearly all my life.
    If anything it’s a little treat to yourself. Xx

    • Holos Skincare

      So glad we’ve gotten you off the wipes! Well done and thank you for using Holos and for leaving your lovely review. Niamh

  26. Eavan Caulfield

    This anti ageing oil is a game changer. The results are amazing and my skin looks amazing. I love the packaging as everything is recyclable. Smells Divine and not tested on animals. Ticks all the box’s for me❤️

    • Holos Skincare

      Aww delighted you found what you needed with Holos. Delighted you love it. Thank you for taking time to write a review. Niamh

  27. Mary

    Holos Facial Oil is the holy grail of face oils for me.
    I use it at night & it absorbs easily & skin is refreshed, fine lines seems less.
    Its also a great a great size if your travelling, etc.
    Love this product xx

    • Holos Skincare

      Delighted to hear Mary. Thank you so so much for your wonderful review. Niamh

  28. Ewa

    My mornings are crazy, and I have no time for myself. Evenings is the time when I have a while to relax, take care of myself, nourish my skin and senses after a hard and exhausting day of stressful work in an air-conditioned windowless room. When all the emotions in my face are gone, my tired and dry skin cries out for help. This is the time when I give my skin only the best. Relaxation, calmness, moisturization, strength and rejuvenation. All this happens thanks to the wonderful “elixir” which is Love Your Skin Anti-Aging Facial Oil, which was first applied on my skin by a beautician during a beauty treatment. There is something magnificent in this bottle that absorb quickly and restores balance not only to my skin but to my soul. In the morning, my skin is smooth, moisturized and looks beautiful. Since I use the oil my skin gets stronger and less dry and sensitive each day. It loves my skin and I love it. Forever.

    • Holos Skincare

      Wow Ewa, Thank you for taking the time to write this. It was wonderful to read. Hope you keep loving Holos. Niamh

  29. Georgina Quinlan

    I absolutely love this oil. It’s super lightweight, which makes it perfect at night even on oily skin. It lasts for ages as you literally use 3 drops. I adore it

    • Holos Skincare

      Well done. Less is definitely more with the oil. Sop glad you love it and thank you so sos much for writing a review. Niamh

  30. Maire Geoghegan (verified owner)

    Beautiful facial oil leaves my face so soft + absorbs right into skin. I’ve started using this oil on a regular basis lately + really noticed the difference in reducing dry skin+ fine lines. Thank you Holos ,will continue 2 buy this product, so happy with it ,maire geoghegan

    • Holos Skincare

      Great to hear Marie. Delighted you love Holos. Really appreciate the time you took to leave the review. Niamh

  31. Maire Geoghegan (verified owner)

    Beautiful facial oil leaves my face so soft + absorbs right into skin. I’ve started using this oil on a regular basis lately + really noticed the difference in reducing dry skin+ fine lines. Thank you Holos ,will continue 2 buy this product, so happy with it ,maire

  32. Margaret

    Fantastic product my skin has never been as gd and the smell is beautiful best products I have ever used

    • Holos Skincare

      Thank you so much! So glad to hear you love Holos and really appreciate your kind words. Niamh

  33. Deirdre (verified owner)

    I am 50 years of age and, hand on heart, the Holos anti ageing oil is the best product I’ve ever used. Dry patches and problem areas have completely disappeared. Thank you.

    • Holos Skincare

      Wonderful to hear Deirdre. It makes me so happy to hear this. Thank you for leaving a review. Niamh

  34. Nicola Wolfe (verified owner)

    Thsi is a gorgeous product. Smells fab, goes on easily and has definnitely had an impact on my dark rings under my eyes and vibrancy of my skin overall. Its also great value as a few drops goes a long way. I love it! Would definitely recommend this to other post-menopausal women. Thanks HOLOS!

    • Holos Skincare

      Thank you very very much Nicola. So happy to hear you have seen results from the oil. Really appreciate you taking the time to review. Niamh

  35. Annn Marie O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    Love this facial Oil, a non greasy product which doesn’t clog my pores, & leaves my skin feeling so soft every morning. I’m delighted to have found Holos & look forward to trying more products