Clean, Hydrated, Smooth Skin Bundle


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If plumping and smoothing to keep the skin looking vibrant and youthful is your thing, then this is the bundle for you!


  • This is More Multi-use Plant Oil 100ml
  • This is More Facial and Eye Serum (hyaluronic acid) 30ml
  • Super Natural Activity Pre & Probiotic Spritz 100ml


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  • Use 2 pumps of This is More Multi-use Oil and massage your face for a minute. Use a warm damp facial towel to remove.
  • Add an extra layer of probiotic rich hydration (Super Natural Pre & Probiotic Spritz) to the skin surface to prevent the skin from drying out and to preserve pH and good bacteria to prevent imbalance and irritation.
  • Pump the skin with Hyaluronic acid to lock water into the skin and keep it super hydrated with our This is More Facial & Eye Serum which will plump, smooth out fine lines, cool and reduce scar tissue.


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