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Niamh - Facial oils

This photo I posted on my Instagram and on Twitter got a lot of attention last week with people commenting on how good my skin looks. I get asked all the time if I use Holos products, When I visit Health stores, make sales calls or just chatting to people, they are secretly checking out my skin and it needs to be good so I combine lots of water with good food, exercise and of course Holos Skincare. My personal favourites are Love Your skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil Love Your Skin Anti-Ageing Facial Oil by Holos.iewhich I use as a Moisturiser, morning and night. It has brought my combination skin into check, locking the oil and water in so my skin isn’t oily looking anymore and instead has a healthy glow. I top up with Love Your Skin Face cream if my skin feels a little dry but I usually only need a bit around my nose.



Energy kick for good morning

Love Your Skin Face Cream by


If I want a bit of an energy kick, I use the Good Morning Face Cream as its aroma instantly put me in good mood.Good Morning Face Cream by


Twice a week I use Blossoms Exfoliating Skin Polish to get deep into the pores. I massage it into my face for a minute and then leave it on for a few minutes before washing off with warm water. It leaves my skin really smooth and clean and so so soft.



For good deep cleansing

Light Exfoliating Skin Polish by

For every day cleansing, well, I’m not telling you because it is a secret that I have been working on and a new product which we will be launching Mid Summer. All I can say is I am seriously impressed.

My skin has improved so much since using Holos, I don’t even wear make-up anymore, except for my black eye liner and mascara, remnants from my grunge days. I usually pop on a bit of lip crayon or gloss too.

All of the products mentioned are available to buy in Health Stores and here on this site. Try them out! Enjoy

xx Niamh

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