My top three Holos products

Niamh asked me about my 3 favourite Holos products. Well, my bathroom shelf is very… pink.

I do not like to have too many products. I like simple solutions that work. Do not get me wrong, I love trying and testing new things but the Japanese routine containing 17 steps in a daily routine is simply not for me. There are more valuable things in life then spending my precious time in a bathroom 😉 Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer is all I need and want. Sometimes I would add a serum, an exfoliant or a masque. I should do it more often…

So here they are:

Super Natural Activity Botanical Micellar Pre-cleanse. I tried soooo many micellar waters but every one of them either did not cleanse makeup thoroughly, burnt my eyes, or the smell was too strong. At some stage I gave up and decided this kind of product is not for me. And then…  Niamh asked me to try Holos micellar water. It was love from the first moment. First the delightful, energizing scent of orange… Then no pinching in my eyes. Makeup cleansed off instantly and thoroughly. I am in love! ❤️

Super Natural Activity Pre-& Probiotic Spritz ❤️ 😊 👍 I am well aware of the need to use a toner to balance the pH of my skin. I even wrote a blog post about it. You can read it here 😉 Do you know that toners moisturize your skin? Those that are alcohol-free of course. You need less moisturizer after. Pure saving! SNA Spritz is like a heavenly mist… And it lasts forever, even if you share it with your 10-year old daughter 😉😀

And last but not least… Super Natural Activity Triple Lipid Replenish Cream for day and night. Say nothing but I am also using it around the eyes… My skin drinks it. Sometimes I wait for a minute or two and add a bit more cream. Especially around “those days” when even my skin seems to be moody 😂

Now the funny part. I asked Niamh to guess what my three favourite products are. She tried 5 times before she got the first one right 😂 It’s kind of obvious, I love all of them.

Have an amazing day. If you have any questions about Holos products or skincare routines call us 086 256 1748 or write

Ewa x


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