Holos winter moisturisers

Moisturizers for very cold weather

We have written recently about winter skincare. Living in Ireland gives us pretty stable and predictable weather. But what if the temperature will fall below zero degrees? Is it still safe to use your usual skincare products? If you can stay at home, fine. Stick to your usual skincare routine. If you need to go outside you need to “wrap” your skin in an oily layer.

Holos This is More Multi-use Oil awarded by Free From Skincare 2018I come from a country, where minus 10 is considered mild temperature. You could not just wake up in the morning and go outside with bare skin (I mean bare face not in the nude) Below zero temp. water turns into ice. Everywhere! Your skin will not get white with frost. It will get red and later you may discover broken capillaries. To prevent freezing your skin you need to apply oil to create a barrier. Additionally oily layer will prevent skin from losing moisture. Plant oils are the best solution as they absorb and nourish your skin. They absorb to some extent. There will be always a thin layer “sitting” on your skin creating a barrier for water. It works both ways. No water will get in and no water will be lost from the skin.

In Holos we have a selection of plant based creams, which will sit nicely on your skin:

Good Night Rich Night Cream – can be used in the morning too. Be patient before applying your make-up. It needs time to absorb.

This is More Get Better Butter– contains organic Shea and Coco butter which will protect your skin and nourish at the same time.

This is More Multi-use plant Oil – probably too heavy as a primer for make-up 😉 but if you do not plan applying make-up and going skiing it is a very good idea.

Love Your Skin Hand Cream (surprise surprise!) – contains coconut and jojoba oil, essential oils of Rose, Palmarosa, Frankincense and Benzoin. It is a brilliant moisturizer for dry skin, helping with fine lines, blemishes and redness. Beautiful, relaxing aroma of our Love Your Skin range. Try it on your face and you will fall in love with it.

You may ask what about oily skin? Do you still apply those thick oily creams winter time? Yes – plant oil based creams absorb and do not add to the sebum. Just do not overdo with the amount.

So if you go to the Alps skiing remember about taking Holos with you 🙂



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