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Flair Chick
Have I noticed my skin looking better than in my early twenties?… hell yeah! Way better I must say! What you will find inside this 30ml bottle is Argan Oil with RosePalmerosaBenzoin and Frankincense. Beyond delighted with this Holos Anti-Ageing Face Oil.
HOLOS THIS IS MORE serum z kwasem hialuronowym do twarzy i pod oczy. Ten produkt bardzo przypadł mi do gustu, stosuję go zwykle rano właśnie pod krem, świetnie nawilża i niweluje uczucie ściągnięcie twarzy na przykład po maseczkach glinkowych.
The M Word
At any given time, at least one of my five children will always need something. Be it shoes, a new coat, credit for their phones or a new pack of sensory toys because the old ones somehow got flushed down the toilet. This leaves very little left over for what mammy needs but I don’t care what anyone says, I’m GETTING my Holos Night Cream AND the eye serum.
The M Word
A couple of weeks ago, we asked YOU our fabulous M Word readers to get involved in our brand new Real Reviews series, which sees us put lots of fab stuff to the test, with honest and fair reviews. No bullshit, no spiel, just real reviews.
” I am always on the lookout for a new treat to moisturise and hydrate my thirsty skin so I was delighted to try out the bottle of Holos Body Oil.”
Natural Baby
This Irish brand is new enough, and every new product they release is beautiful. You know when you smell something nice and you exhale, your whole body relaxes? This is how their oil blends make me feel in general- Holos mama range is wonderful.
So Sophisticated Beauty
The product that I won was their This Is More Face & Eye Serum and since getting it in my mail box I have been using every single day that I’ve been feeling any dryness in my skin because the main ingredient in this is Hyaluronic Acid which we all know is amazing for re-hydrating the skin.
Zdrowo Naturalnie
Irlandzka marka kosmetyków naturalnych mnie tak zauroczyła, że postanowiłam wypróbować kolejne jej kosmetyki. Tym razem w moje ręce wpadł organiczny tonik różany.
Zdrowo Naturalnie
HOLOS SKINCARE FROM NATURE – WIELOFUNKCYJNE MASŁO DO CIAŁA, TWARZY, RĄK I STÓP. Fantastycznie nawilża suchą skórę ciała, zmiękcza i wygładza suchą skórę stóp, nawilża dłonie. To fajne wielofunkcyjne masło o lekkie konsystencji. Jest bardzo wydajne w stosowaniu, uniwersalne w swoim działaniu 🙂
Zdrowo Naturalnie
Pomimo, że polski rynek kosmetyków naturalnych stale się powiększa warto też czasem zajrzeć do innych krajów, jak w tym przypadku Irlandii i zobaczyć z jakich kosmetyków naturalnych słynie ten kraj. W dzisiejszym wpisie poznacie markę Holos SkinCare from Nature i jej olejek przeznaczony dla kobiet w ciąży.
Help is at hand though as Niamh from Holos has made what is LITERALLY a MAGIC elixir. Love your Skin anti ageing oil contains both benzoin and rose, which both have excellent anti-inflammatory qualities. Using it has changed my life. Your skin will lap it up and thank you for it.
Sarah Trademark
I recently came across Harpak who are an online shop that sell food and drink, cosmetics and home & garden products. They sell lots of amazing brands including Holos and I just love this good night relaxation set from them. Holos create lots of plant based products and aromatherapy skincare.
Holy Chic 
Niamh brought us back to the basics of good skincare and how prevention is essentially better than cure when it comes to anti-aging. The focus here is all about skin health. Her talk was interesting because she really defined good skincare and kind of reminded us to look at the products we use and first of all ask, is it necessary? And then seek multiple ways to use that product.
A Paler Shade of Beauty 
It is hard to ignore the many Christmas gift guides floating around online this time of the year. I wanted to create one myself but was unsure which angle to take. As you, my loyal followers will be the ones who (hopefully) read it, I wanted to feature products that I think you would enjoy.
Bam! Make a statement 
I can honestly say after trying three products from the Holos range my skin has been feeling so revitalised – The Anti-Ageing Facial Oil €22.20, Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish €20.80 and Good Morning body Oil €15.40. No redness, no extra blemishes, no itiching, no dryness.
Chasing Ruby Chat 
With the Winter weather being so cold and damaging to the skin, I thought I’d introduce you to my little secret for keeping my skin hydrated and repaired throughout the Winter months. Introducing the Anti Ageing Facial Oil by Holos…
A few weeks back i was sent the lovely Holos Anti Ageing skin oil. I was super excited to try this out as number 1 I love homegrown products and number 2 its 100% Irish.
Pure Irish Sugar 
Holos Love Your Skin Anti-Aging Facial Oil- Without a doubt this had to be one of my favourite skincare brands.
Dotty Diamond 
This year I decided to attend the Professional Beauty event held in Belfast. I had never been before however as I am now a blogger, I was able to get a ticket in order to attend.On arrival I was looking for one company in particular and I have to say I could not fault them on the day. I wanted to pick up some bits from Holos skincare, and was delighted to meet the owner Niamh, who was more than nice and easy to talk to.
This multi-use oil leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. If you are to purchase anything from the range this should be it! Unsurprisingly, Holos Skincare from Nature has also won 1st runner up for best facial oil.
Putting It Out There 
Holos Skincare is the brain child of Niamh Hogan and if you are a fan of Dragons Den then you saw her secure investment from Eleanor McEvoy in April. Holos products are made with pure essential oils, are natural and holistic, ethical produced and are handmade in Ireland. You can’t get any more home-grown and natural than that!
Niamh Hogan was inspired to launch Holos Skincare in October 2012 after deciding that she wanted to create natural skincare that she felt happy to use on herself and her family.
There are seven lines of products within the range, all blended for specific needs.
As well as taking care of your skin, the chosen oils promote both your physical and mental wellbeing. Lines can be used exclusively or can be mixed and matched.
“It’s like a comfort blanket to the senses and velvet to the skin” says Niamh.
Confessions Of An Irish Mammy 
I’d bought the Holos Day Cream a while ago and liked it so I said I’d give some more of the range a go. The prices are really reasonable too. I love all of them. EVERY one of them makes my skin feel good and smell delicious. The Blossoms Facial Polish is especially good! It smells divine and my skin feels so soft when I wash if off. The Night cream too. It smells and feels like I’m doing something really nice for my skin! I’ve noticed my foundation looks smoother on now too.
Brown Eyed Girl 
Holos skincare are an Irish skincare brand which prides itself on using only natural holistic skincare ingredients in order to achieve beautiful glowing skin. Facial oils are great to incorporate into your skincare routine as they sink deep into the skin and give you lots of hydration. If you suffer from oily skin, don’t be afraid to use facial oil as in fact oil clings to oil and It wont make your skin more oily!
Lawless by Niamh Mckeever
Holo’s ‘Good Night’ cream is blended with rich essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and rose oils to get us through the night, waking up refreshed and confident for the day ahead.
If you want to try everything at once to see it this product really is for you or maybe for a loved one then I would advise their Facial gift set.
Rachs Beautique
The lovely Niamh is the lady behind the idea of the natural skin care and it has grown from strength to strength over the past year. The range contains face and body care products. Niamh is an aromatherapist with over 13 years experience.
Lipstick and Louboutins
Who are Holos? Holos are an Irish skincare company which create completely natural holistic skincare using essential oils and natural ingredients.
Rouge Writing Hood
Currently, I am really enjoying this offering from Irish brand, Holos. This night cream is a favourite of Marissa Carter’s and at €16.60, it is an example of quality skincare at a steal.
Tres-Belle Blog
The thing I love most about this product in particular is because of its natural ingredients, all products made by Holos are all natural and holistic and even better that they are NOT tested on animals.
2 Mums Views
I was extremely lucky to win this Holos Blossoms Femininity Gift Set from a competiton on Holos Skincare Facebook page. It arrived beautifully presented with a hand written note from Niamh (the founder of Holos).
Tres-Belle Blog
So while I don’t exfoliate every day I do like to do it every second or third day, mainly because I wear make up every day so its good to give a deep cleanse very often 🙂 I am loving this exfoliator polish by Holos Skin Care.
Galway Player
A few months ago I came across Niamh from on twitter and her company Holos Skincare from Nature. I’m always on the lookout for new products to review especially Irish one’s, it always helps when the person behind the company is a hot blonde.
Tres-Belle Blog
So I was lucky enough to receive this amazing product from Niamh over at Holos Skincare. Holos Skincare is an Irish skin care based company. Holos skincare products are all handmade, they are 100% natural, holistic and made with pure essential oils.
Lanky Laura’s Way
Organic, vegan and cruelty-free, Holos anti-ageing oil made its way into my life a few month’s ago and I think it’s what has sped up the healing process of old acne scars at the back of my cheekbones and temples. I noticed quite the difference after just one months use and it’s absolutely wonderful.
Glamity Jane in Cork Independent
In complete contrast to last week, when I wrote about cosmeceuticals and their rise in popularity, this week I am going to be looking at natural products, their benefits and uses.
EU Moms doing it for themselves
Sometimes fate leads you to set up your own business – well it can seem like that. The stars definitely aligned when Niamh Hogan, a natural health expert, started her skincare and holistic range Holos. We talk to Niamh about her growing skincare empire.
Love, Life & Makeup
The Good Morning Oil contains natural ingredients such as Geranium, Grapefruit and Lemon in Sweet Almond Oil. Like the name suggests this is a great pick me up in the morning, the natural oils wake the senses and is great for an early start before work when your feeling really tired.
Fluffymax blog – Be your own kind of beautiful
Have you tried these fantastic handmade products from Holos?
I’ve been using the Body Oil and Hand Cream from the Love Your Skin Range and I’m now hooked.
Lanky Lauras Way
I absolutely adore natural skincare and the more products I try the more benefits I reap and the changes I see. Of course life is made a lot more pleasant when there are brands such as Holos creating these beautiful products to give real results and treat our skin with the best ingredients.
What kate Loves Blog
As you all know in our goodie bags at the Irishblbinspire event in Cream Dreams in Wexford the wonderful Niamh from Holos Skincare gave us some samples.
Lilli White Rose
So for six weeks I have been trying out the Love Your Skin Range from Holos and I am so impressed! The range incorporates Rose, Palmerosa, Benzoin & Frankincense with cleansing witch hazel and coconut. Each product really compliments the other and work like a dream.
At The Beauty Desk
Hi Everyone! Every week I take part in irishbizparty twitter chat and was delighted to be recently introduced to Niamh Hogan, the founder and creator of Holos, which is an Irish company specializing in natural and ethical body products.
Bec Boop
Holos skincare is a brand I came across on the #IrishBizParty twitter chat recently. I love discovering new Irish brands to work with on twitter it’s great! Holos skincare from nature is the creation of Niamh Hogan, a Natural Health Practitioner from the South East of Ireland.
Sparkle Blossom Beauty
Welcome to today’s installment of Beautiful Irish Brands a series spotlighting Irish brands in the beauty industry as always I will begin by telling you about who is behind the brand followed by a product review.
I hit a bit of wall back in November with my skin and found that my usual products were just not giving me what I needed. So finally after months of trying out new products I’ve finally hit the jackpot. My skin is looking fresher, less dry patches and some scars from bad breakouts I was having to medication have started to diminish.
Penelopes Bed
I must say I was very excited when I heard about new Irish Skincare brand Holos and this Love Your Skin Anti-Aging Facial Oil is a highlight of this home-grown brand and a new staple in my skincare regime.
It used to be that eco friendly and organic cosmetics were seen as a bit hippy dippy or *whisper it* frumpy thanks in part to the limited shade ranges (terracotta foundation anyone?)
All The Buzz
Regular readers of All The Buzz will know that I’ve been making it my mission to discover Ireland’s best homemade, natural products. As a qualified holistic therapist, when it comes to skincare I am just drawn to the goodness that natural products provide and today Holos Skincare is the latest to be put through its paces.
Another Irish beauty is the new Holos holistic range from Niamh Hogan. She has created this unique range, designed to nurture and care for your skin using natures ingredients. I have tried a couple of her products and this Good Night Oil is one of my favourites.
Pure Irish Sugar
My mum first introduced me to the brand ‘Holos’. As a former beauty therapist my mum likes to keep in the know about new brands but also she has a keen interest in aromatherapy and this is why she tried Irish Brand Holos. All of the products from ‘Holos’ are natural and holistic.
Blather and Beauty
As you may have read in some of my previous posts, I have a new-found love for natural skincare products. Lately I have found that my skin’s needs have changed – it is sensitive and quite dry, so I really need to stay away from anything that will strip my skin of any moisture thats left there!
Mary O’ Donnell Beauty
I received this lovely bag of products from Niamh Hogan from Holos Skincare and my first reaction was the wonderful aroma from the products. Subsequently I found out, like myself, Niamh is an aromatherapist , so we both know the effect essential oils have on the skin. Holos Skincare hails from Enniscorthy Co. Wexford. Niamh believes in an holistic approach when it comes to skincare and also teaches yoga and exercise and meditation.
Penelopes Bed
Of all the people in your life, few deserve to be treated and pampered more than your mum. Here’s a list of products, many approved by my own mother, that may help guide you towards either the perfect treat for your mum whatever the occasion!
Glamity Jane
Oils are the next big thing in skincare. All companies are using them but the best way to use them depends on your skin type.
Chirps from a little Red Hen
Danielle had invited Niamh Hogan owner of Holos Skincare to talk with us. I was delighted to finally meet with Niamh. I’ve known her for some time via various Facebook pages we are both on and Twitter. I love her attitude to both life and business.
LilliWhite Rose
The wonderful and inspirational Niamh from Holos Skincare from Nature joined us to give a talk on how her business came to be and how she done it, it truly was an inspiring talk. Also Niamh gave us amazing samples for our goodie bags, and I’m sure there will be purchases made soon (cough cough).
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