Healthy skincare

Our immune system is vital. Especially now. We need to take care of it to keep our body strong by eating good quality food and supplements, by exercising, relaxing and drinking a lot of water.

In Holos we always emphasize that skincare is an extension of your healthcare. Our skin also needs good quality “food” regularly to be strong and radiant. The aromatic signature blend of Rose, Palmerosa, Benzoin and Frankincense in the Holos Love Your Skin range not only targets dehydration, fine lines and inflammation, it lifts and balances the senses. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids feed the skin leaving it with a healthy youthful glow.

Have you had your 5 a day?

Love Your Skin the Holos way

5-a-day steps

Follow these 5 a day steps to maintain happy healthy skin:

Step 1.
Massage Love Your Skin Cleansing Cream  into dry facial skin and neck to remove make-up and grime.

Step 2.
Soak Holos facial towel in warm water and use to gently steam and exfoliate the skin while removing Cleansing cream.

Step 3.
Using Reusable Cotton pads (or spray pump) apply Love Your Skin Floral Toner all over facial skin and neck to close pores, balance PH and reduce inflammation.

Step 4.
Massage 4 drops of Love Your Skin Anti-ageing Facial Oil into face, neck and around the eyes for 10-15 seconds to plump the skin, smooth out fine lines, hydrate and reduce inflammation.

Step 5.
Massage 2 pumps of Love Your Skin Face Cream into skin to lock in moisture and add skin nutrients.

Love Your Skin range is suitable for dry or mature skin, treating redness, imbalanced pigmentation and rosacea.

Holos Skincare … A comfort blanket to the senses and velvet to the skin …

Holos is handmade in Ireland, natural and holistic, ethically produced and is ever mindful of the environment.

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